Anonymous said: Hey I'm 17 years old and in year 12 and i just got my first boyfriend, as you know valentines day is coming up and im not exactly sure if i should get him something or not and if i do what should i buy him? We've only been going out for two weeks now and im not sure how this all goes. Thanks :)

heey :) aww thats so cute :3 congrats! xx

Sure, you cannn get him something, but valentines are not necessarily about giving presents. To me, it’s more about spending quality time with your other half and just be there for each other. But still.. It would be nice if you get him something. A chocolate? A video game? Or anything that he likes would work :)

Dont worry too much about what to buy love, bcs what really matter is the thoughts of giving him something is the one that counts! 



Anonymous said: i haven't had my period in two months, and i'm quite scared now. i never had intercourse ever, what do i do? :(

if you only just started your period, then its usually normal for it to not be regular. but if you have regular cycles, I would tell your doctor. <3

-Katrina X

Anonymous said: Omg wht to do?! Im a straight dude, i went to a club an saw this attriactive girl.. gave her my number than found out it was a dude.. a transvestite omg

Hahah, well just let.. him/her down easily if you dont like them. & Just tell them you’re straight as you say you are.
~ Sabrina

Anonymous said: WHy does my cum smell stink?

erm I don’t know.. maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor? I’m not really an expert..


Anonymous said: so im 15 and had never done anything but kiss a guy then i got really close to my bestie hes 21 we have done everything now apart from sex but today he said do you want to have sex? i want to cause i know it will feel good but he isnt my boyfriend and i just felt like loosing my vs should be soo important like how it is in movies he put a condom on and said he wouldnt he was just rubbing it then he inserted it i didnt do anything and we had sex should i keep having sex with him? imsoconfuse help

honestly i dont think so i think yu should have waited. an he is to old your getting used nobody that old will just be best friends with you he needs to find someone your age. but if you have alot of feelings for him its all on you. my opinion is that he is using you for sex an that he will kep doing it an maybe you might get un lucky one time an the condom might break you never know accidents happen so from my point of veiw? no i think you should stoop


I think you should wait. You’re too young so it would be illegal <3.


As Katrina said, it is illegal. We don’t want you or him getting in trouble. He’s basically an adult and you’re still a minor. ~ Sabrina

if you are having suicidal thoughts, or know anyone who is, please please read this. it’s amazing <3.

Anonymous said: Ok so there's this guy and well I used to like him A LOT and he didn't really like me back so now him and his girlfriend broke up and well hes been making signals that maybe he likes me back now.. but the thing is that I don't feel the same way about him anymore and and I really don't wanna hurt his feelings or anything what should I do?? :/

Haha,the exact same thing happened to me! I guess the first thing you need to do is be sure that he does actually like you! If you two are close, ask him who he likes! If he tells you its you, then you need to explain nicely that you don’t feel the same way anymore,but you want to stay friends! At first it’ll be awkward,but in time he’ll move on and it’ll be fine :)
Just try not to flirt or lead him on;and be kind when you explain to him you don’t feel the same way!
Hope that helped -katrina X

Anonymous said: Are all of you straight?

I am ~Katrina (I’ll let everyone else add their answers)

No lols, bisexual. ~ Sabrina

I am :) ~ Alma :)